domingo, enero 13, 2019



            I like to think that the ones who died want to communicate with us via lights, radios and electrical machines, being these objects sympathetic sensors able to catch “one more talk” with the invisible ones. Where is the threshold of what is alive and what is not, has always been a colorful conversation with thousands of nuances since the beginning of… of...?

          In this project, named “Afterlife” I want to add some drops to that confusion, creating a new group of music pieces. Every piece consists on a dialogue with the afterworld between two “creatures”: one is clearly a musician playing a traditional music instrument (thank God!), the contre-partenaire remains a bit more unclear to me (me being the composer I don´t expect you to have a clear idea either). 

          Afterlife is a beautiful word because it expresses life (or its absence) in the realm of time. The question “where are we going” is answered “later”. The metaphysical land is located in a time dimension, resembling music. 

"Music is made of time and expresses itself via frequencies"

          In “Afterlife” a microphone amplifies the non-audible sounds (interesting paradox) bringing unexpected frequencies to life (I am starting to feel a bit nervous!). This project establishes different conversations between entities who breath on a different decibel scale: the neon-light is talking to a live trumpet, one to one (*). Amplifying the light tube brings not only more intensity but new musical materials to be digested by our mics and minds.  The light is not only singing but sparkling joy.

          Afterlife is a spiritual license for what, for music lovers, is the “under-sound”: like buried diamonds, the forgotten frequencies are found in the zone of the unreachable buffers. In the threshold of our beliefs, our ears open up to the concept of “beyond audible”, troubling our understanding but not the pleasure of perceiving them. 

 “Talking frequencies, talking light, talking silence”.

"A Wild Thing" by Hilde Bouchez


           …unraveling the mystery, I hope not to disappoint you by saying that the invisible ones could not only be my ancestors from the XIX century or Hildegaard von Bingen who wants to give me some musical tips. With a mic as antenna I am waking up the soul of my electrical devices! Lamps, ventilators, radios and screens not only talk to me but also sing. Undoubtedly, the still life was not so still! Under an animistic perspective, the objects, places, and creatures, all possess a distinct spiritual essence, like my old blender! 
Let this project be a tribute to those objects, the buzzing, humming, whirring, hissing creatures that, raising from the cemetery of the obsolete, are having an afterlife in my music. I hope a better one, ha ha!

(*) commissioned by trumpet player Eloy Neira (Gracias!!!)

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