domingo, septiembre 30, 2007

Ida Lohman

Ida Lohman died last Tuesday, at 46. She was (is) a visual artist devoted to magic lanterns. Her special sensibility could transform simple quotidian materials into very magic images. She used to collect little papers, transparencies, little plastic toys: all these little things were transformed into incredible images in a super example of low tech multimedia.
It was nice to go for a walk with her, because she was constantly finding lot of things in the street for her magic lanterns. You could see how packages of cookies, eggs, straws, crystals, were becoming something extremely abstract and beautiful through the machines.
For the last projects she loved to work with live musicians- that is the way I met her. I will miss her.

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Ned McGowan dijo...

Working with Ida and the magic lanterns was for me an ultimate artistic dream. The images are so delicious, fun and evocative.

Despite several wonderful projects, I had the feeling she had so much more to explore.

Hopefully someone will continue her work.